Changes to traffic arrangements at Mannerheimintie 14 

At the Signe construction site, the old commercial building at the end of its life cycle is now being demolished. Our main contractor, Jatke Toimitilat Oy, has started the work with the removal of harmful substances. After that, the interior demolition phase begins, when, for example, building systems and all non-load-bearing structures are demolished. After that phase, all that remains of the building is the concrete frame, intermediate floors, and load-bearing walls. This phase will be completed in February 2024. 

The start of the work will also be seen outside the building in the days to come, when construction work causes some changes to traffic arrangements in front of the property. To enable pedestrian and bicycle traffic at Mannerheimintie 14, we will build a pedestrian canopy there. The canopy and the site fences will be as visually pleasant as possible with the help of designs by the brand and design agency BOND.    

How the construction site affects traffic arrangements:    
Setting up the new traffic arrangements will begin at Mannerheimintie from 13 November 2023, and the special arrangements will be in place throughout the project, i.e., approximately until October 2026. 

Motor vehicles:  For motor vehicles, only the leftmost lane can be used at Mannerheimintie 14–18 when driving from north to south. At the intersection of Mannerheimintie and Kalevankatu, construction site traffic joins the normal motor vehicle traffic. Parking spaces for motor vehicles are not available at Mannerheimintie 18–20, excluding parking spaces for people with reduced mobility at Mannerheimintie 20. Motorcycle parking spaces will also be out of use at Mannerheimintie 14–16. 

Pedestrians and bicycles:  Pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be directed to a pedestrian and cycling canopy at Mannerheimintie 14–16. Worksite traffic intersects pedestrian and bicycle traffic, so caution should be exercised in front of the site as well as when entering and exiting the pedestrian and bicycle canopy. Traffic controllers will stop pedestrian and bicycle traffic when a vehicle enters or exits the construction site. The pedestrian crossing between Kolmensepänaukio and Mannerheimintie 14 will be removed. 

Public transport:  No effect on public transport or bus stops.  The arrangements are carried out with the help of traffic control devices and traffic controllers. 

More information about the construction site and traffic arrangements: project manager Janne Hahko, Jatke Toimitilat Oy, tel. +358 10 7737000 (switchboard),

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