The Mannerheimintie access to Stockmann’s car park is temporarily closed during the night – car park is otherwise in normal use 

Work at the Signe site at Mannerheimintie 14 is proceeding as planned, and the first stage of the drive ramp work at the Mannerheimintie access to Stockmann’s parking facility was completed on schedule at the end of January.  

The second phase of ramp work will begin on Wednesday 14 February at 10 p.m. The drive ramp to Aimo Park Stockmann car park on Kalevankatu, with access from Mannerheimintie, is closed at night (from 22:00 to 06:00) on weekdays from 14 February to 1 March 2024. However, on two nights – Monday 19 February and Tuesday 20 February – the ramp will be closed at 8 p.m. 

The Ruoholahdenkatu access is in normal use at all times of the day. The Ruoholahti drive ramp can be accessed from floor P3 of the car park. During the day and weekends (also from Saturday evening to Monday morning), the ramp to Mannerheimintie is in normal use.
99% of the demolished materials will be reused 
Sponda is committed to the Green Deal on sustainable demolition by the Ministry of the Environment and Rakli, and it will be complied with in this project. Before demolition, the site has been extensively surveyed to find possibilities for the reuse of materials. In addition, all materials are reported to the Ministry of the Environment. 
The utilisation rate of the materials rises to over 99%; most of this consists of the use of the in-situ poured concrete frame. Also for other materials, efficient sorting takes place on-site as well as further sorting at the waste station. 

The decision to demolish the building on the site was made after a very thorough investigation. The premise at the start of the project planning was to preserve the frame and facades of the building and renovate it. However, as the planning progressed, it became apparent that bringing modern technology to the very low floor height of the building would, in practice, have made the premises unfeasibly low and unsuitable for current requirements. The floor height would have been just over two metres, so the ceiling would have been on the same level as normal doors. 

Sponda also investigated the addition of vertical shafts, which could have slightly reduced the additional height required by the building systems. The number of shafts needed would have been very high, so the floors would have become inefficient. Even then, the height of the premises would still have been very low. 

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