Heavy demolition is starting

The Signe site at Mannerheimintie 14 has reached a point where heavy demolition will start, generating noise and vibration at times.

Heavy demolition, i.e. dismantling of the load-bearing structures and facades of the old building, will begin on 15 January, and the work will be finished at the end of August 2024.

The work will be carried out, in accordance with the permission granted by the authorities, during weekdays from 07:00 to 22:00. For the most part, the demolition is carried out using a nibbling method, which does not cause any significant noise. Part of the demolition work requires demolition hammers. They will not be used after 18:00, and they will not be in continuous use. No noisy work is done at the site on weekends.

A lot of material from the demolished building will be reused

The demolished building that has reached the end of its life cycle contains a lot of valuable materials that can be reused. All such material has naturally been carefully recovered. For example, about 1,000 square meters of the granite façade panels have been removed.

The 40 mm thick panels made of Finnish granite are to be used as flooring for Signe’s roof terrace and possibly elsewhere in the new building.

The interior of the building has had a lot of marble in both walls and floors. Efforts have been made to remove the marble tiles intact. They will be used primarily in the interior of the new building and Forum shopping centre’s premises.

In addition to the stone materials, many other items have been removed from the premises for reuse, such as kitchen furniture and interior doors and glass walls.

Sponda is committed to the Green Deal on sustainable demolition, and the Signe project aims to recycle and reuse as much as 99% of its demolition waste.

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